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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6AM  NBC  August 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and san jose rejects the latest firefighter contract offer that they say would have saved the city millions. our exclusive interview with the mayor this morning. and this live look at 880 by the coliseum, you can see the flashing lights from the accident, major front-end damage. we will see if that has an impact on your commute. 6:00 morning. you may want to grab a jacket before you head out the door. it's chilly across the bay area. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to start with rob looking at the forecast which some of these highs are not really highs. >> bundle up in august. take a jacket. 50s across the board this morning. misty skies, too. you can see our numbers by lunch time, still cool out there. you could be fine with a long-sleeve shirt today. upper 70s out around livermore.
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59 in san francisco. we have developing news this morning. a juvenile suspect is injured after an off-duty federal agent shot him during an attempted robbery. it happened overnight on marlon court in the bayview district. bob redell is live near the scene this morning. he has a look at what led up to the shooting. bob? >> reporter: good morning. it was midnight, dark out, hardly anyone around. the target of this potential crime was a woman getting her thing out of her car in this parking lot outside her housing complex at kirkwood and coral. all told, the two teens probably thought this would be an easy robbery, especially since one had a gun, but they had no idea who they were dealing off. turns out this woman was an off-duty irs agent who also happened to be armed. sfpd said they were robbing her
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at gun point, that's when she shot one of the teens in the stomach. he was taken to sf general. he is in critical condition. police were able to find his accomplice not far from here. he was arrested and taken into custody. the agent was not hurt. as of now, she is being interviewed by police. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. also new this morning, safety teams will be at muni stations to walk riders home in high-crime areas. there will be 12 escorts, they will wear yellow vests and carry phones that have been donated by at& at&t. the examiner says about 100 crimes happen each month at stations. some san jose firefighters could be back on the job.
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they are back to the bargaining table. it's up to the union to vote on an 8.9% cut in take-home pay what is at stake is restoring the position of those firefighters along with putting one fire truck and four engines back into service. this morning we are joined live by san jose chuck reed. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> good morning, laura, how are you? >> doing just fine. now what about the city and these firefighters? the city rejected the firefighters union latest proposal. why? it claimed it would have saved the city $5.3 million. >> we need $10 million to reinstate the firefighters that were laid off. we asked the fire union to make concessions that would allow us to reinstate those firefighters. they offered a little over $4 mi million to do so, so we are $6 million short. >> so the union says this is
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putting politics over public safety. >> we've asked the union to put it to a vote of the members to see if they want to save the jobs of these 49 firefighters and make concessions. our police department voted for concessions to save the jobs of police officers. we are asking the union to put it to a vote and let the members decide. >> so it's on mend, they maybe need to bend a bit more, you're saying? >> well, i think the membership will be very interested in trying to save the jobs of these firefighters that were laid off. get them reinstated. we would like to hear from the members directly. let them decide. the union leadership has not been willing to agree to concessions sufficient to avoid the layoffs. >> but aren't the layoffs a result of massive budget problems to begin with? how do so many cities around the bay area get so deep in the
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hole? >> we had a huge budget gap of $118 million b 15% of our general fund. we cut everywhere. no department was spared. every department took hits, public safety had to take cuts. the firefighters union was not willing to give concessions to avoid the layoffs. in many departments, the unions agreed to 10% reduction in pay and benefits in order to avoid layoffs. the fire union has not been willing to give sufficient concessions to do that. >> good to hear your side of the story. thank you very much for joining us this morning. mayor chuck reed. >> thank you. we have developing news in a fragile part of the world that scott mcgrew has been following. scott? >> reporter: in pakistan there has been terrible flooding in
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that country. getting word that a bus has plunged into a swollen river there, as many as 52 people are dead. here is some of the flooding. we don't have video of the scene yet. but nbc says 52, associated press is saying about 20 dead. we are not sure which is the correct number. the bus was coming from the pakistani side of kashmir. on the indian side of kashmir, riots, police are firing live ammunition into the air trying to break up crowds demonstrating against indian rule. both sides have twice gone to war over this territory. the big ruling over proposition 8, dumping the ban on same-sex marriage is headed for several appears. first up is the stay. besides striking down proposition 8, judge vaughn walker said gays can begin
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getting married but not right away. first he wants lawyers on both sides to submit briefs on why gay marriages should or should not go forward. if he decides same-sex couples can begin to get married, prop 8 backers could ask for an emergency stay. they would get that from the ninth circuit court of appeals, the same court that will hear the overall appeal to yesterday's ruling. the road to the supreme court could be a lengthy one and may take few more years. same-sex marriage supporters are celebrating, calling the ruling an important step in the right direction. hi hundreds of people marched from san francisco's castro district to city hall celebrating a federal judge's decision to overturn prop 8. the crowd was filled with same-sex couples waiting to say "i do." >> my sister got married last year. as much as i loved to see her that happy, my heart hurt because i could not sheer that with jeanie. jeanie and danielle had been together for eight years. they know the decision will most likely be appealed and say the waiting is hard.
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supporters call the decision a blow to marriage and voter rights. time is 6:07. we want to check in with mike. a look the at morning commute. a new accident to tell us about in san francisco. >> new accident off of the bay bridge on the skyway involving two motorcycles. that sounds like a huge issue. very worried, but chp says they should have the roadway cleared quickly. it's taken less than ten minutes for this to clear from the scene. no major injuries, though an ambulance is still headed to the scene. you may see activity off of the roadway getting off the skyway heading into san francisco. that will cause additional slowing. we see slowing coming off of treasure island, typical for this time of day. a couple other issues, the bay bridge toll plaza and the accident on 880. let's look at the 880 accident. southbound side around high street. those twinkling lights we saw have cleared after a half hour.
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a smooth flow, no lanes blocked now head past the coliseum and a smooth drive to the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge toll plaza, let's look at that live shot. a very light volume, especially for a thursday at this time. that's a nice drive. no metering lights yet. just the fog and mist around the bay area to contend with. >> certainly making it cooler out there, even with the mist. >> chilly out there. it won't warm up either. >> it's not. an amazing run so far this summer. the coolest part of the summer so far is moving in today. we have the low clouds, misty skies around san jose. 57 degrees. oakland, 55. san francisco, mist falling across the golden gate bridge, 54 degrees, west wind at 8. here is what would expect. santa rosa, should be in the 80s. san jose, mid 80s. what you will get instead mainly 50s, 60s, some low 70s for highs around san jose today.
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59 in san francisco with some mist off and on for the day. 67 in oakland. north bay valleys in the 70s. up towards ukiah, temperatures close to 90. the mild trend will follow us into the weekend with a slight warm-up next week. there is debate today over brea breastfeeding, and we have an expert here all morning answering your questions. and have you seen these faces? our informal poll to see if people can recognize the candidates for mayor. and the reporter whose in depth interview got a general ousted is now banned from touring with troops. we will see what he has to say about that next. looking outside at the golden gate bridge. hazy with the fog. certainly cool. we will check the full forecast coming up as well as mmute.g [ female announcer ] jobs leaving.
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. welcome back. time is 6:13. live look at the oracle arena. temperatures, as we've been talking about all morning long, especially closer to the water, in the 60s. hard to reach 80. might get close in livermore, for example, as you are further out, away from the water. rob has a full look at the forecast coming up. oakland mayor ron dellums says he will not run for a second term so the race for oakland mayor is wide open. several candidates are in the running but do voters know who they are? christie smith is live this morning in oakland trying to figure that out. you have been going around showing people pictures of the candidates this morning. do they recognize any of them? >> well, you know, brent, i thought for sure they would know who don perata is and the other
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two high-profile candidates are on the oakland city council, but the short answer is, no. people are not confident in who they are. some waffled back and forth, but for the most part no one could name any of the top three candidates. we showed them pictures of former state senate pro-tem, don perata, jean quan and rebecca kaplan. quan has been on the city council since 2003, and she spoke out saying she was not totally surprised dellums was not seeking re-election. kaplan has been on the council since 2008. voters want to know who can deliver what they want. >> do you know her? >> no i don't. >> reporter: okay. do you know this woman? >> no i don't. >> reporter: do you know this man? >> i don't. >> just somebody who will rally everybody together, the community, make it a better place. >> reporter: in all, at least
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six candidates are running. friday is the deadline to file. no doubt you will be seeing these faces more and more. the election is november 2nd. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. it is breastfeeding week, and a walk this morning will push for more breast fefeeding. lactation specialist joins us this morning to talk about the pros and continues about breastfeeding. why is formula perhaps the rite choice for some women? who she give breastfeeding a go first to give it a try? >> i think that sometimes they have a lot of misconceptions,
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and they're just worried about a lot of myths that have been handed down generation to generation. i think if we can get babies skin to skin, that those mothers may be surprised at their baby's ability to go over there and find that's something they really like. >> it's an incredible bonding experience with your children as well. talk a bit about how important breast milk is to a baby's development, especially in the early stages. >> breast milk has so many things. it's human milk. it's made for their baby. it has things for the baby's brain to grow, it closes the gut up so it's not susceptible to protein allergies. it protects against infections, virus infections protects against infections in the gut. it helps to learn, to digest food. prepares the system to do that. it protects the baby against
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jaundice if the baby is breast feeding actively enough. it helps mainly with infection fighting, but it grows the brain. it works on all of the body. so it's different than formula. >> now, it's interesting. we have been asking some viewers on facebook to submit questions this morning. here's one from lisa saying starting breastfeeding was the hard part at first for me, then waiting and waiting for the milk to come in. but then when it did, wholly molly. why don't people warn you about the pain that can come from feeding? that is a tough one. you are waiting and waiting, you want that milk to come in, and it can be painful for women, but you offer advice. >> one thing that i think we want to turn around is that waiting for the milk to come in that's a crazy phrase. milk is there in the last trimester, that's called collostrum. that's milk. it just keeps increasing.
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usually about the third or fourth day, full milk, copious milk, lots of milk comes in. your body doesn't know how many babies you have. some people have more than one baby. >> my body seems to know how many babies i had. i was able to feed triplets. >> it takes a few days for the baby and the body to adjust so the body learns how much to make. >> which is such a fascinating thing. that was a concern thinking, my gosh, i have three babies to feed. but the body is a remarkable thing. >> it is. it's amazing how it works. >> support is as well, which, personally patricia did give me a lot of support. that's the great thing about good samaritan hospital, they have a hotline that anyone can call. 408-559-baby. the number is on your screen. 408-559-baby. with any questions that you may have. we'll continue to take your questions on facebook this morning. patricia will stick around.
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thank you very much. a new study out this morning findswomen who pack on the pounds could increase their children's risk of being heavy later in life. doctors say it's more about healthy diet and exercise than the actual weight. cash-strapped schools may get some financial help if a bill moving through congress is approved. the $10 billion measure cleared a gop filibuster in the senate but still needs full senate and house approval. the help comes as a new report shows $348 million in state funding has been cut from california's pre-k programs. california spends more than $3,600 a year for each pre-k student. state, local and federal governments spend about $11,000 per student from kindergarten
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through 12th grade. there are over 6 million elementary and secondary students in california. the internet giant google wants to pay more to phone companies for the right to get its data to you, faster than anybody else, right? >> reporter: that's right. this is disturbing news for people. this is the core of the so-called net neutrality argument. a lot of supporters thought google was on their side, but apparently not. the "new york times" reports this morning google is in deep talks with verizon arranging a system whereby google would pay more to verizon to prioritize google data. the search engine, youtube, g mail would come over the company's data over the internet faster. google taking advantage of a power vacuum. the courts decided the fcc, which supports net neutrality, did not have the authority to enforce it. congress can write new laws, but
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have not. supporters of net neutrality say all the data on the internet ought to be treated equally and big companies not decide what's important and sort out the databased on who can pay what. if you think of the net like a library, everybody should stand in the check-outline equally. what google is saying, no, if you have a book by crown publishing and crown publishing paid more, you should get through the line faster. there are arguments on both sides. >> interesting. >> thanks, scott. is it a case of pentagon payback? the rolling stone writer whose article ended the military career of general stanley mcchrystal is not allowed back with the troops. the pentagon rejected michael hastings request to join u.s. troops fighting in afghanistan. this comes as the pentagon ramps up into an investigation of the material he used in his article.
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this morning hastings sits down with meredith on the "today" show. he said he stands by his article and is troubled by the military's decision. >> i've been doing this for five years. gone on dozens of embeds with troops, been on many combat missions, traveled with senior military officials and never had an issue. >> you can catch the rest of that issue coming up on the "today" show. >> want to check in with mike and a look at the morning commute. >> i will give an update on that motorcycle accident on the skyway in san francisco. the car involved has been taken away. there was a car reportedly hit by one of those motorcycles. the two motorcycles still clearing from the highway. some tow trucks coming from the san francisco side. about the same amount of slowing we saw ten minutes ago speeds dipping down towards 20 and 30 which is a typical slow spot any way.
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no major issues for the area. the metering lights not turned on. over here, slowing out of the city headed towards the golden gate. the golden gate bridge issue is a bit of mist that occurred overnight. you can see the span across the water. another slow spot in the east bay. livermore, typical slowing, 16 minutes out of the altamont pass. also mist, maybe drizzle through this area as well. there's a water main break causing more moisture on the road here. bachman road, not effecting hesperian or a street or 880. 92 over the water, we will look at that that's the san ma teo bridge. the water is gathering on the light causing some condensation. rob has the full forecast coming up in a moment. must-see video. the police chase thapatks latoo lksooik le it is straigh out of a movie. t
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welcome back. just about 6:27. waking up to a lot of low clouds and some mist. san jose, 57. taking you into oakland, 55. there you see the wind out of the west at 9. across the golden gate bridge, the rain gauge and some windshield wipers out there. misty skies around the peninsula. out towards san ramon, i within a into some of that on my way into work. strong sea breeze today, but that sea breeze will do a number to our temperatures today. nothing like the summer-like temperatures you would expect for august. mostly 70s inland. 73 san jose. 59 san francisco. 55 in oakland over the next few days. the weekend ahead, things looking mild across the seven-day forecast. >> the giants lost last night but it did not effect their spot in the standings. they move to atlanta, game time set for 4:00 this afternoon.
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the giants are still a game behind the padres after their loss to the rockies. rockies had a big day at the plate to carlos gonzalez getting a couple of runs bringing them home. this one going deep for a little home run. colorado wins big, 6-1. the a's take the day off before the rangers come to town. they beat the royals yesterday. kevin kouzmanoff giving oakland the lead with the two-run double. final score 4-3. a police officer is lucky to be alive this morning after a suspect's suv rammed into his car during a high-speed chase. look at this just-released video from a police dashboard cam in maryland. you can see the suspect's car speeding over 60 miles per hour through neighborhood streets. when police pull up on that car, the driver puts it into reverse. look at that. throwing it into the hood of the police car, eventually flipping over a bridge. the police officer was not injured. the teenage drivereste
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an ced farjcangs acaskieste a ancefas carjacking and assault charges.
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woe a we are hoping for a s start to the markets today. two big job reports today and tomorrow. we will see how that effects your investment. i'm bob redell live in san francisco where a robber found out the hard way, don't try to rob an off-duty federal agent. and this live look at the oakland side of the bay bridge. the toll plaza slowing down. once these folks get to the san francisco side, we'll get an update on two motorcycles involved in an accident there. good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. >> want to check in with rob taking a peek at your forecast.
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he's been talking about cooler temperature temperatures. >> the cooler air has been pumping in throughout the week. today you will see cooler temperatures. don't be surprised to run into heavy mist in spots. upper 70s inland. 73 degrees today around san jose. back to you. >> thank you very much. this morning we are following developing news, a juvenile suspect is injured after an off-duty federal agent shot him. it happened overnight on marlon court in san francisco's bayview district. bob redell is live near the scene. what led up to the shooting? >> well, apparently it was a target of opportunity. this was around midnight, but the robbers probably had no idea who they were messing with. little did they know their target was an off-duty federal agent who works for the irs and who also happens to carry a gun. sfpd tells us she was getting
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stuff out of her car here in this parking lot. this was around midnight, when at least two teenage men began to rob her at gun point. she drew her weapon, and shot one of the teens in the stomach. here you can see him being taken into sf general. police tell us he is expected to survive. police have also detained another person that was found in the area. they're still trying to determine if that person was the accomplice to this other teenage suspect. as for the agent, she was not hurt. she is now being interviewed by police. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the step grandfather of a young boy who was killed by the family's pit bull will enter a plea in court today. 52-year-old steven hiaci owned three pit bulls that mauled a twoyear-old in the garage of the family's home in concord. he is now charged with felony child endangerment and keeping a vicious dog unleashed.
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in his first interview after the mauling, he told nbc bay area news he did not trust the dog and he's very remorseful. time is 6:33. here is scott. >> good morning. we got some information about the weekly jobless claims. normally this is not something we pay attention to, but they were so poor ahead of the july claims that will come on friday that we thought we would bring them to you. the worst jobless claims since april. this is a big concern to wall street as we wait for the labor department to give us our monthly unemployment report come tomorrow morning. the nationwide unemployment rate stands at 9.5%, much higher in california. wall street does not like these numbers. this is not what president obama wanted to see. it's an unexpected rise and the worst we've seen since april. >> not good news there. san francisco board of supervisors committee delayed a vote over a new tax on alcohol.
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that tax would raise more than $16 million per year for alcohol sold in san francisco. the money would help pay for city-funded public health and paramedic costs associated with alcohol abuse. alcohol sellers say that new tax will hurt their sales. according to chronicle, a 3% tax would be added to a 12-ounce bottle of beer and a 4.5% tax for a six ounce glass of wine. the committee delayed the vote until next week. >> the landmark ruling overturning proposition 8, dumping the ban on same-sex marriage is headed for several appeals. first up, the stay. besides striking down proposition 8, judge vaughn walker said gays can begin getting married, but not rite away. first he wants lawyers on both sides to submit briefs on why gay marriages should or should not go forward. if he decides same-sex couples can begin to get married, prop 8 backers could ask for an emergency stay. they would get that from the ninth circuit court of appeals, the same court that will hear
6:36 am
the overall appeal to yesterday's ruling. the road to the supreme court could be a lengthy one and may take few more years. one of the justices that could hear the case if it does make it to the supreme court is about to be confirmed. elena kagan has wide support from democrats and a handful of republicans. tracie potts has a look at how kagan could effect some votes. >> reporter: she has never been a judge before, she doesn't have a long judicial record that we can look at to pinpoint what her leanings are. she has only been solicitor general for about a year, tried about six cases before the court. a lot of this is guesswork by analysts. when she was a dean at harvard law school, she restricted military recruiters there because she said their stance of not allowing gays to serve openly in the military violated
6:37 am
the school's anti-discrimination policy. that's been brought up quite a bit during her confirmation process. the question is is she sympathetic to gay rights and side with those against prop 8? during her confirmation hearing, she talked about the fact that the court must respect the will of the people. in this case, the will of the people in california at the time of prop 8, two years ago, is that gay marriage should be banned. she is on record on both sides of this one. it will be interesting to see when and if this case comes before the court and quite frankly all observers say it will work its way up through the appeal system. it's very likely that either this term, if not the next term, prop 8 will be in washington at the supreme court and after today's vote, very likely so will elena kagan. live from washington, i'm tracie potts, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. this week construction crews are getting ready to tear down the transbay terminal, but could
6:38 am
the new temporary bus terminal leaving commuters saying where am i? the new temporary bus terminal could be congested and may confuse commuters. it is too small for the amount of bus riders who come through, many think. the paper says a low-hanging bus ramp hangs over about a quarter of the temporary site. the temporary terminal opens on saturday. time is 6:38. want to check in with mike who has been following a motorcycle accident in san francisco. >> that's right. the accident has cleared from the skyway. reports on the motorcyclists themselves, minor injuries to the drivers. that is cleared from the roadway. we have the slow drive coming off the upper deck, but that's typical for the area and time. no major issue on the oakland side. not a major backup but slowing coming through the s curve in treasure island and san francisco. the rest of the east bay looking nice. look at the times approaching
6:39 am
the maze, close to the limit except the caldecott tunnel, and most of the slowing is because there is only one bore in the eastbound direction. folks starting to slow from the cash lanes approaching the toll plaza, maybe about a half dozen to a dozen cars waiting there. not a big issue if you have fastrak, most folks do. sunol, also in the east bay, a live look out there. southbound side building up in volume but no major slowing through the area. north and south of there, we'll check with the maps. livermore coming westbound with 580, slowing to about an 18-minute drive. speeds below 50 miles per hour in most spots. in the red, speeds close to 20. sunol, nice, smooth drive through the south bay with no major issues except 87. over the santa cruz summit, slowing because of landscape work blocking one lane. >> some of your mile per hour highs are like our forecast highs. >> absolutely. seeing green on that screen in
6:40 am
terms of good speeds around the bay area, and look at my green, these correspond to 50 degree temperatures. the rain gauges on four wheels showing you the windshield wipers going from time to time. a heavy hairspay rain out there. some drizzle for the morning. heading towards the afternoon, upper 70s for most of the warmest places inland. san jose, mid 70s. for the weekend, not much changes even into early next week. it is 6:40 now. it is breastfeeding week. we have a lactation expert taking your questions this morning. we'll check in with her next. new questions about not just what's in the gulf waters, but what the rig's owner may have known in the months before the explosion. we'll break it down in a live report coming up. and it's no oil spill, but some bay area beaches have problems of their own. we'll show you which ones rank
6:41 am
among the highe bacteria bacter.
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6:43 am
welcome back once again. 6:43 right now. another live look outside this time the south bay. it looks like some of that coastal haze may give way to sunshine in these shots, despite that temperatures will be cool. maybe in the mid 70s in the warmer areas. look at this, near the coast, 57 in pacifica today. rob has a look at the forecast
6:44 am
coming up. new this morning, bp has permission now to start pumping cement into the ruptured well. kristen dahlgren is live in venice, louisiana once again. despite the success of the static kill, there's concern about what is in the water even now. >> reporter: yeah. i think more skepticism here than celebration so far. we talked about that government report yesterday. the government saying that three-quarters of the oil is the water has dissipated, disappeared, burned off, and just a quarter remain. people here are questioning how the government can know that when they didn't know until a short time ago how much oil was in the water. they still don't know about the dispersant in the oil. mean time today, new questions raised in the internal documents that the "new york times" got about what the rig owner,
6:45 am
transocean, new in the months before that explosion. word is that the company actually ordered a safety review, both of its houston headquarters and of some of its rigs in the gulf. they were concerned about how their operations in north america were being run. transocean is the world's largest off-shore drilling companies. they have 14 rigs in the gulf of mexico and more than 100 more around the world. there's question that the company about the ballast on the deep horizon rig. some say they may not have had the leak in the riser pipe if the rig had not failed. there will be a public forum today for you to share your thoughts, it will be at the book passage bookstore at 6:00 tonight. it is world breastfeeding
6:46 am
week. a walk in the north bay this morning will push for more mothers to breastfeed their newborns. we have a lactation specialist to talk about some of the pros and continues of breast feeding. thank you very much for joining us. when giselle bundchen said all mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months, a lot of people had an uproar. some people have problems breastfeeding, they give up, so they were offended by her statements. >> that's a hard statement. that's an attitude we don't want to see out there. we want to encourage, support women, give them information. if they have information, they can make good decisions. that may be a decision to breastfeed, whereas if someone
6:47 am
comes on hard like that, they may turn away. >> the pressure on a woman to provide for their babies, that stress, that can effect your production. >> absolutely. the more comfortable you are, the more you treat it as a normal thing rather than someone saying you have to do this. it has to be this way. all of those things can complicate it. >> it's interesting as well, to talk about women trying to incorporate being a mom, breastfeeding, but also going back to work. so much of our society, women work these days. we asked viewer force facebook questions. we got once from christy. how do you know when to stop? will my body just tell me? i'm going back to work soon and i don't mow if i should try to incorporate pumping. >> if you are not going back to work, what really happens is that the baby weans naturally. as the baby starts getting older, starts moving more, moving away from mom a bit, they kind of check in for nursing a
6:48 am
bit but take less and less. so that gradually the breast milk just goes away, which is a nice, gentle way for it to happen. when you go back to work, the federal law says that workplaces are to accommodate mothers who are breastfeeding and have places for them to pump. you need to talk to your human resource person or the owner of the business and find out if they have anything set up. but it should be -- we have so many great pumps now that makes it easier for a mother to go back to work, take break times and provide milk for her baby. there's a working and breastfeeding class that we just started which is good for moms who before they go back to work so they can get information on what types of clothes to wear. >> good point. so many things, even things you have that don't come to mind.
6:49 am
if you have questions, call good samaritan hospital, 408-559-baby. whether you are starting in the midst of it or just thinking about it. it's an important number to have. patricia, thank you for joining us. always great to see you. brent? >> the latest report says that many bay area beaches have some of the highest bacteria levels in the state. the new report says -- looked at 452 beaches and san francisco had the highest bacteria rate at 17%. san mateo county fell in the middle of the pack with 10%. last year aquatic park saw 117 beaches closed or advisory days. pillar point had 100 closures. swimming in polluted water can lead to respiratory infections, skin rashes and pink eye. want to check in with rob and look at our forecast.
6:50 am
it's a cool one out there again today. >> that video showed sunshine on the coast. not seeing that for a while. lots of clouds into san jose. 57 degrees right now. san francisco, mist, 55. what is going on with the summer? instead of having a monster ridge of high pressure over us, we have this trough pumping in that cool air. look at the highs. you can see the numbers, 70s inland. a quick snap shop of the weekend forecast shows not much change. waking up to lots of clouds. temperatures like we're seeing today, 73 san jose. 53 san francisco. that seven-day forecast will stay mild through wednesday of next week. mike, some of that mist could be causing problems on the roadways this morning. >> definitely, rob. we have seen the wipers going from time to time. make sure everything is in order and make sure you have washer fluid, because a bit of mist can cause mud and smearing. something else that was easy to spot. a car fire off of highway 4 in pittsburg. solano avenue, no injuriesment
6:51 am
and that should be completely cleared in the next few minutes. minor slowing in that area typical from pittsburg, livermore, typical spot. holding steady, lighter than we typically see in that area. look at sunol. slowing southbound 680 around the bend. a new incident around 280 around 11th. >> thank you very much, mike. san jose mayor chuck reed joined us for an exclusive interview this morning. we will find out what he has to say about what needs to happen to get dozens of firefighters back on the job. oakland mayor ron dellums says he won't seek reelection, so who are the candidates and d they are? i'm christie smith, we'll have answers straight ahead. ad
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a teenage robbery suspect is in critical condition this morning after an off-duty irs agent shot him overnight. life pictures from the bayview district. two teenagers approached the female agent as she was getting some things out of her car, she didn't know she was an irs agent and was armed. they were robbing her at gun point, but she pulled out her own gun and shot one of the suspects. now that oakland's mayor ron dellums is not running for re-election, three candidates have thrown their hat into the ring for the race. christie smith is live in oakland to see if voters recognize the faces in the race. it's been interesting hearing you talk to people. >> reporter: it has. you know, i have to tell you,
6:55 am
the short answer is no. now that dellums is out, we've been talking with people this morning asking them if they know the top three contenders, most don't. a couple minutes ago we did find one man who was pretty close. he was able to name two out of three of the top contenders here who are former state senate president pro-tem, don perata, council members, jean quan and kaplan. here is his story, who he likes but why he likes that person is still up in the air. >> i follow politics very closely. i contribute to the community here in oakland. >> do you have a favorite among the three i showed you? >> perata, definitely. >> why? >> well, i'm out of time right now. >> even with face recognition t looks like the candidates may be defining their message over the
6:56 am
next few months. there are at least six candidates to choose from. the election is november 2nd. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> they have three months to know those candidates. san jose mayor chuck reed joined us earlier for an exclusive interview about recent layoffs for the 49 firefighters in san jose. negotiations hit a stalemate when the city flatly rejected a brand new offer from the firefighters. mayor reed said every department needs to make cuts and the firefighters did not make enough concessions. >> in many departments, the unions agreed to 10% reduction in pay and benefits in order to avoid layoffs. the fire union has not been willing to give sufficient concessions to do that. to avoid the layoffs.
6:57 am
>> reed wants the union to vote on an 8.9% cut in take-home pay in order to salvage those jobs. >> we will have some important numbers coming through tomorrow about jobs. >> the labor department talks about the unemployment rate, look for it at 5:30 our time. tesla reported its profits for the first time as a public company, losing more money as we show the nasdaq open this morning. tesla is down about 3%. a first time we have been able to look at tesla's books ever. lost $38 million. >> that's a pretty penny. >> bought a factory me. >> is that called reporting profits?
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